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Uncanny Depths  MAMO Modulor  Southway Stduio •  Marseille, France  • 2022

Group Show 

Léa Porré - Uncanny Depths - 2022 - MAMO Modulor - 1.png
"Blue, green, white, or black ; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous, that ocean is not silent… " H. P. Lovecraft.

The depths of time, the depths of the oceans; water erodes, transports, swallows, dissolves, drinks. Vectors of change, the oceans are nonetheless ageless witnesses of a distant past, the primordial elixir of the first forms of life. elixir of the first forms of life. It is under the shadows of the waves of the seas, oceans and rivers that the works gathered for "Uncanny Depths". 

Like the antediluvian remains of Atlantis or the or the mysterious pre-human peoples of Lovecraft's nightmares, this multi-disciplinary body of Lovecraft's nightmares, this multi-disciplinary corpus blends curves, polyps and fins in a neo-baroque visual polyphony neo-baroque or futuro-mannerist visual polyphony.

Léa Porré - Uncanny Depths - 2022 - MAMO Modulor - 2.png

Emerging from the abyss, the works of the artists brought together by Emmanuelle Luciani are embodied as rereadings of forms from end-of-cycle periods, such as mannerism, baroque or rocaille. In the twilight of an age, the forms become unbound, serpentine and fluid, illustrating the changes and metamorphoses underway and to come. The idea of the bizarre, of "uncanny" oozes from all the works. The ambiguity of the forms, neither totally mineral nor totally organic or vegetal, is combined with a troubled timelessness, stretching between a past outside the memory of the modern world and an impalpable future, where gothic vertigo and rococo curves are reborn in objects, materials and shades that have not yet been invented. In this sunken temple, a different relationship to time and history emerges, with a broken linearity.


Curated and designed by Emmanuelle Luciani of Southway Studio.

With: Bella Hunt & Ddc, Oda Jaune, Luigi Ontani, Jacopo Pagin, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Léa Porré, Sterling Ruby, Lola Schnabel.

Sound by Moodoïd, silkscreened stained glass by OIE/STUDIO, visuals by Léa Porré.

From 30 April to 12 June 2022

MAMO, Centre d'art de la Cité Radieuse, 13009 Marseille.

Uncanny Depths - MAMO - Southway Studio - 2022 - PROMO.png

Work commissioned:

 I call to the creatures of the deep  (2022)

Léa Porré - I call to the creatures of the deep, CGI Video (2022) - 2 WEB.png
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