Ekpyrosis (2021)

HD Video & installation

Ekpyrosis is the latest project of Léa Porré’s world-building practice.

Through her composition of computer generated sets, she stages reenactments of historical events and rituals that may of may not have happened. 


In her fictional tales, she utilises her cyclical vision of History to offer a critical re-reading of French Monarchy, where her impossible and transhistorical encounters collapse human and deep time into one.

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis.jpg

Porré’s Ekpyrosis stems from the eponymous ancient belief of a periodic annihilation by fire, needed to cleanse and regenerate the universe. 


Set in this cyclical timeline, the video unfolds across one sun’s course and narrates a dying-and-rising pattern of the Sun King — Louis XIVth — and the impending eruption of an unknown volcano located under the Palace of Versailles.


As in most of Porré’s recent practice, Ekpyrosis urges us to reconnect with cyclical time, here, by exploring the utopian potential of catastrophic sublime.

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-68 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg

Installed at Cromwell Place, for the 2021 Royal College of Art Graduate Show 

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-71 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg
Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-73 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg

(photo credit: Ollie Harrop)

Léa Porré - EKPYROSIS 3_edited.jpg
Léa Porré - EKPYROSIS 2_edited.jpg