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101 Archaeology (2017)

— Sculpture  -  2000 x 1000 x 300 mm, mixed media; wood, acrylic sheet, acrylic paint, items of clothing, stickers

— Interactive performance at Tate Exchange (Tate Modern: London, UK)

‘101 Archaeology’ is part of a continuing exploration of our hyperreal relation to our Past that seems to depend on an accumulation of endless copies of an original reality.

Here, it challenges the commodified figure of the archaeologist, as I got really interested in how this role has been portrayed in popular culture.

This process of hyperreal-isation of the archaeologist can be attested in this work.

It is a enlarged copy of a commodity figurine (of Indiana Jones), that derived from a blockbuster movie, that pretends to represent truthfully a certain activity.

A long-lost reality that shifts into an idealised, fantasised double of itself. It shows the seduction present in the portrayal of the archaeologist that becomes a dream in our mind filled of popular culture.

Interactive performance

at Tate Modern : Tate Exchange - STUDIO COMPLEX (January 2018)

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