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Creeper's Luncheon  Mock Jungle  Bologna, Italy  • 2021

Group Show

Léa Porré - Mock Jungle - 2021 - Rieko Whitefield - 1.JPG

Cɾҽҽρҽɾ’ʂ Lυɳƈԋҽσɳ is a group show of all women featuring works that explore the intersectionalities of feminism, identity, glitch, and systems of unseen power. The anthology of videos creates a frenzy of dialogue, one that draws on a myriad of topics from reconstructions of antiquated patriarchal myths that transform as female-centered tales, to de-colonizing the realms of fabricated platforms, or to the socio-political nature of the digitally rendered femme body and her agency in online existence.

Léa Porré - Mock Jungle - 2021 - Rieko Whitefield - 7.jpg

Participating Artists: Mengqi Chen, Sofía Córdova, Vitória Cribb, Sian Fan, Snow Yunue Fu, Sid and Geri, Heesoo Kwon, Casey Kauffmann, Umber Majeed, Natasha Tontey, Rieko Whitfield & Léa Porré, and Hana Yoo

Curation: De:Formal 

Text: Caroline Yoo

Léa Porré - Rieko Whitfield - High Vibrational Country Club - 1.png

Cɾҽҽρҽɾ’ʂ Lυɳƈԋҽσɳ is the collective screening curated by Wednesday Kim (De:Formal) for the Mock Jungle screen that will be on air from September 25th to October 15th 2021. The exhibition will be available every day, every hour, 24/7, from the outside, directly from the street. Visitors don’t need reservation.

MOCK JUNGLE, a project by Metochè included in the institutional program of ART CITY Bologna2021, promoted by the Municipality of Bologna, continues its broadcasts from the Chapel of SantaMaria dei Carcarati at Palazzo Re Enzo, Piazza del Nettuno 1.

Creepers Luncheon - Mock Jungle - 2021 - PROMO.JPG

Work shown:

 High Vibrational Country Club (2021)

Léa Porré - Rieko Whitfield - High Vibrational Country Club.png
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