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PASSANTS  Temple Saint Etienne  Mulhouse, France  • 2019

Group Show

Léa Porré - PASSANTS - Mulhouse Temple - 1.JPG

Always, the symbols will be. Alive. Attached to a lived or fantasized era, they guide us in the disorder we create. We are only passers-by, (PASSANTS) transmitters, appropriating worlds and details to replace, for a moment, their perfumes. Let us affix our symbols together and thus anchor ourselves in History; let us impose ourselves on the future thanks to what has preceded us

Léa Porré - PASSANTS - Mulhouse Temple - 2.JPG

Each work is here an anchor point, opening us to a reality. Each artist is here the counter of his own vision. "PASSANTS" is an exhibition proposed by Aubes that attempts to question the links between symbols and history, between testimony and fiction.

PASSANTS - Mulhouse Temple - 1.JPG

With: Neckar Doll - Ugo Sebastiao

Curation; Pablo Stahl

16-17 novembre 2019

PASSANTS - Mulhouse Temple - 2.JPG

Work shown:

 Royalist Dream (2018)

Léa Porré - Royalist Dream (2018)
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