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Royalist Dream (2018)

installation, 1800 x 250 x 150 cm, with HD Video 05'52", flat-screen monitor, fabric, CNC-ed foam sculpture, shellac, PVA, gold acrylic paint


‘Royalist Dream’ forms an alternative history; the return of Monarchy in France, to examine current media codes that creates our notion of event.


The question of eternal return is asked in this regard; what if the King were to come back? How would that be mediated?


This cyclical history is symbolised by the ouroboros. Here, it isn’t the snake devouring its tail, but Louis XIV.


This return takes place in a hyperreal narration that combines TV shopping, 24/7 news channel, propaganda, and self-care.


The omnipresence of the blue — at the same time royal and chroma key —, examines our relation to Power and its symbols, in a continuous tension of the visible and invisible. 


But their functions become unclear; all codes seem to be out-of-sync.