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Royalist Dream  2018

Video Installation

Mixed media installation; 1800 x 250 x 150 cm, with HD Video 05'52", flat-screen monitor, fabric, foam, shellac, PVA, gold acrylic paint

‘Royalist Dream’ is an alternative 24/7 News Channel which announces the return of the King of France and blurs the boundaries of news, TV shopping, propaganda and self-care. 

The omnipresence of the blue — at the same time royal and chroma key —, examines our relation to Power and its symbols, in a continuous tension of the visible and invisible. It proposes a cyclical reading of history, where Louis XIV, like an ouroboros, devours its own tail.

Léa Porré - Royalist Dream (2018)
Léa Porré - Royalist Dream (2018)
Léa Porré, lea porre, royalist dream, monarchy, roi de france, return king, legitimism, central saint martins degree show

Shown at:

 2019 -  Temple Saint-Etienne  -  PASSANTS  (Mulhouse, France)

Léa Porré - PASSANTS - Mulhouse Temple - 1.JPG

 2018 -  Central Saint Martins  -  SHOW ONE  (London, UK)

Degree Show One Fine Art - 2018 - Central Saint Martins - Léa Porré - 3 (web).png

 2019 -  Château de Lantheuil  -  Historical Amnesia  (Lantheuil, France)

Royalist Dream at Chateau de Lantheuil.jpg
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