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How to inhabit the screen  Espacio Odeon  Bogota, Colombia  • 2020

Group Show

Léa Porré - Espacio Odeon - Law of Ruins.jpg
The virtual, the pressing crowd of incipiencies and tendencies, is a realm of potential. In potential is where futurity combines, unmediated, with pastness, where outsides are in folded (...) Since the virtual is unlivable even as it happens, it can be thought of as a form of superlinear abstraction (...) that is organized differently but is inseparable from the concrete activity and expressivity of the body. —Brian Massumi

Faced with a future that is increasingly chaotic, we imagine the possibility of becoming a screen: living, acting and looking through electronic flows of movement and parallel temporalities. How many ways can we inhabit the screen? What devices allow us to access it? What possible worlds do they show us? In trying to answer these questions, we selected artists for three spaces: Appearances, Situations and Invocations, in which we proposed to occupy the concept of virtuality as a means of affection, coexistence and narratives.

Léa Porré - Espacio Odeon - Law of Ruins - 1.png

To find situations is to intensify the relationship between form and content. These video installations produce speeches that allow us to navigate between the real and hyperreal politically questioning the production spaces. Léa Porré in Law of Ruins: Alexander the Great analyzes the fetishization of ruin in popular culture. It forms an alternative narrative of archeological sites of the future taken from the scenes of buried films. 

With: nabbteeri - Lea Collet - Cristian Villavicencio - Agata Mergler - Luke Mccreadie - Ana María Millán - Rocio Pardo - Luuk Schroder - Hyeisoo Kim - Keiken - Léa Porré - Sebastian Mira 

Curation: UHIM (Juan Covelli, Natalia Marín Ruiz and María Angélica Madero)

Work shown:

 Law of Ruins (2018)

Léa Porré - Alexander the Great (2018)
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