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Tis the beginning of all moist things  2022

Series of sculptures + CGI Prints


Tis the beginning of all moist things is Léa Porré”s latest body of work, made specifically for Virginia Bianchi Gallery at Art Verona Fair 2022. In this new 3D World Build, she continues her exploration of dreamscapes; landscapes of fragmented memories.

Léa Porré - Tis the beginning of all moist things - 1.png
Léa Porré - Tis the beginning of all moist things - 2.png

Here, she investigates moss as time rendered visible. Evoking both the fetish for civilisational collapse and current concerns of ecocide and human extinction, her mossy world expands on her interest in cyclical time, and the recurrence of events throughout history.

These colonising mosses offer a radical reimagining of a world based on cross collaboration, in between human and non-human entities. A re-enchanting vision of a lost time, either future or past.


Commissioned for:

 2022  -  ArtVerona Fair -  with Virginia Bianchi Gallery  (Verona, Italy) 

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