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Radical Ornaments  2023

Series of 2 Sculptures, 140x120cm & 110x110cm, Wood, acrylic, varnish, plastic organ.

Interregnum - Mandala (2023) - 3 - WEB.jpg
Interregnum - Mandala (2023) - 7 - WEB.jpg
Interregnum - Mandala (2023) - 10 - WEB.jpg

‘Radical Ornaments’ (2023), is a series of wooden wall-mounted sculptures, installed in a pattern reminiscent of mandalas. This project proposes to reclaim the radical power of ornament, and the subversive potential of ornamental imagery, questioning the boundary between subject and object, and the centrality of the subject matter.

Akin to talismans, ex-votos, or atropopaic objects, these ornaments aim to form a space of healing and protection, a labyrinthian space of mental deambulation. 

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