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Remember When We Met 3  K41  Copenhagen, Denmark  • 2022

Group Show 

Léa Porré - CPK41 - I call to the creatures of the deep - 7.jpg

A FAREWELL TO RWWM, A WELCOME TO SUMMER On July, 9 RWWM curates another atmosphere and transforms K41's spaces into intimate screening spots, an immersive concert venue and an open air interactive cinema under the (almost) dark sky of Copenhagen.

A dialogue
Creating stories together
A dive into summer myths to
Remember When We Met one more time.

Léa Porré - CPK41 - I call to the creatures of the deep - 4.jpg

After Vol 1 (fashion and electronic music) and Vol 2 (poetry and performances), RWWM Vol 3 will host a selection of video pieces, short films, experimental videos, webseries, and interactive projections displayed in the ever changing maze of K41. While the projections play in the house, the terrace will welcome musical performances. Musicians will improvise together with visual artists, inviting us to a multisensorial experience. Guests will be able to navigate the event as they please, moving from screenings to dancing, always in an active spectator position.


This event is the fruit of experimentation and cross-collaboration amongst artists with various practices coming from different countries and passionate about designing new ways of experiencing art while sharing with others in a dynamic, fun, free environment.

Co-creative space K41 and anti-disciplinary studio pamp3000 are responsible for the event coordination, art direction, and stage design. The qualities of the space are stressed in order to curate an experience that strongly relates to and contrasts the house. The event's visual identity is created in collaboration with creative studio Contextual Mumbling.

Work shown:

 I call to the creatures of the deep  (2022)

Léa Porré - I call to the creatures of the deep, CGI Video (2022) - 3 WEB.png
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