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The Core of Fantasy •  etc. galerie  Prague, Czech Republic  • 2022

Group Show / Screening

Léa Porré - etc galerie - 2022 - 1.png

The screening presents the works of contemporary Czech-based and international artists that use elements of the fantasy genre. The selected works show imaginary fantastical worlds and mythological creatures, whose aim is not to escape from reality but to reveal the globally burning questions and the crises of today. The positioning into fictional worlds, the work with memory, history, and ritual, or the revision of the meaning of “monster” – this all used as a tool of emancipation, which brings new perspectives and initiates a reassessment of the current state of the world.

Léa Porré - etc galerie - 2022 - The Core of Fantasy - 2.png

Patricia Domínguez: Madre Drone (2019–2020)
Masha Kovtun: The Song of First Love (2021), The Beautiful Far Away (2021)
Léa Porré: I Call to the Creatures of the Deep (2022)
Anni Puolakka & Alexander Iezzi: Refusal (2017)
Anna Slama & Marek Delong: Everything is You (2020)

Léa Porré - etc galerie - 2022 - The Core of Fantasy - 1.png

How to Embrace a Monster? The Importance of Fantasy in Contemporary Visual Culture
(Tina Poliačková)

"To support escapism is not to deny reality or to appropriate an alternative version of it. To practice escapism is not a failure of moral duty or of some contact with reality, but an affirmation of the imaginative independence that is a prerequisite for any meaningful change."

"Quality fantasy recreates a world of incisive and unique knowledge. It denies or evades a seemingly permanent reality in order to explore and assert a reality broader than the one we allow ourselves to perceive today."

Léa Porré - etc galerie - 2022 - The Core of Fantasy - 3.png

curator: Nela Klajbanová
author of the essay: Tina Poliačková
production: Anna Davidová, Tomáš Kajánek
graphic design: Nela Klímová

photography: Davidova Kajanek

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague City Hall.

Work shown:

 I call to the creatures of the deep  (2022)

Léa Porré - I call to the creatures of the deep, CGI Video (2022) - 3 WEB.png
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