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Léa Porré - Everything Forever - Royal College of Art
Léa Porré - Everything Forever - Royal College of Art
A 3-week online exhibition featuring 90+ artists from around the globe who met on the RCA Contemporary Art Practice course.
A collective spirit, a breath of sweet air, circulating, criss-crossing time zones and continents, navigating the virtual, longing for the physical. Energetic ideas jumping from node to node, connecting a networked community of individuals, collectively working to make sense of what makes no sense, having conversations with the past about what is coming. Nodes of resistance and difference, enquiry and exchange. Collaborating with the stranger, human, non-human and nature at a planetary scale. Nodes where we enter other realities, dreaming the world and life with no limits. This moment is a beginning. Hold on to it, cherish it, consider it with care. What we do next matters. What we do — together — matters most. Everything in flux. Everything Forever.
In collaboration with 10 external partners, 90+ artists from around the globe share their stories in this three-week digital festival of recent works. Surreal, political, radical, tender — the works in this exhibition weave the real and imaginary, across genres and philosophies. A new generation experiments. Explore to see the works made using the elemental, glass and hand-formed clay, to everyday resistance, performance, gesture, spoken word poetry, dance, new writing, objects, AI, virtual worlds and augmented reality. Created as animation and short films, sound works and text.

08 March – 26 March 2021
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