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Out of Touch  LUX  online  • 2020

Group Show

OUT OF TOUCH - LUX - 2020 - Hervisions.png

HERVISIONS presents OUT of TOUCH, an evolving curatorial proposition of online commissions, events and performances reflecting on the idea of touch and its digital analogues in the post-touch world.

OUT OF TOUCH seeks to understand new vocabularies of touch when all we have is the digital space. Considering how isolation has accelerated our digital vocabulary, what a meaningful language of touch might be beyond the physical.
Over the next couple of months HERVISIONS will introduce a diverse programme of artistic practices that perform and unfold across the numerous digital platforms. LUX Website will host access to ephemeral and performative works that are untethered to conventional sites of the exhibition. Through a constellation of femme-focused dialogues, OUT of TOUCH probes ways in which screen-based dialogues remediate the lack of touching in the absence of physical connection.

I told you he was never really gone (2019) 3.png
Léa Porré - Divine Touch FILTER - Promo 4.JPG
Léa Porré - Divine Touch FILTER - Promo 3.JPG

PART 1: Denise Yap: Second Hand Smoke - LaTurbo Avedon: Permanent Sunset - Libby Heaney

PART 2: Dagmar Schurrer - Taina Cruz - BORA - Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley 

PART 3: MassHysteria - LaTurbo Avedon - Claudia Hart - Tabitha Swanson and Léa Porré - Danielle Braithewaite-Shirley

Work shown:

 I told you he was never really gone (2019)

I told you he was never really gone (2019) 1.png
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