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Expo 2020  UK Pavilion  Dubai, UAE  • 2022

World Expo

Léa Porré - ExpoDubai2020 - 2.png

As the official Heritage Partner for the UK Pavilion at Expo 2020) Dubai, the Royal College of Art is pleased to announce Shaping Futures: Design-Led Innovation - a boundary-pushing exhibition combining art, design, fashion, digital and technical innovation The exhibition will present future-focused design and digital art from RCA alumni over a two-day residency at the UK Pavilion, from 15 to 16 March.

Léa Porré - ExpoDubai2020 - 1.png

Spanning multiple disciplines, the projects featured in Shaping Futures highlight why creativity, design ingenuity and innovation are essential to securing humanity's future. The works are underpinned by four key concepts - Advance, Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility - which reflect the UK's theme for Expo 2020 Dubai of 'Innovating for a Shared Future'

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The RCA's participation draws on the College's 170-year history of shared heritage with world exhibitions, dating back to the very first Expo, The Great Exhibition of 1851, conceived by Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole (who guided the early days of the institution that would become the RCA). For Expo 2020 Dubai, the RCA artists and designers exhibiting work have their gaze firmly set on the future.

Work shown:

 Interregnum  (2021)

Léa Porré - Interregnum - History of Fantasy
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