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Royal Fate is Fluid  2020

CGI Video, 08'13''

'Royal Fate is Fluid' follows along the journey of King Louis XVIth’s head, severed from his body in 1793, towards its regeneration across the Atlantic. It will meet otherworldly deep sea creatures that nurture him to a divine state, to end up as a castaway on a Bahamian island, soon to realise his gift of healing are interesting other parties, with a very different agenda.

Léa Porré - Royal Fate is Fluid (2020)
Léa Porré - Royal Fate is Fluid (2020)

Shown at:

 2020  -  Ugly Duck -  Malfeasance  (London, UK)

Léa Porré - UGLY DUCK - Malfeasance - 2020 - 1 (web).png

 2020  -  Electric Artefacts -  Vacations at the End of the World, curated by Off Site Project  (online)

LéaPorré-RoyalRetreat_(RoyalFateIsFluid,2020) web.png
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