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Tate Exchange - Studio Complex  Tate Modern  London, UK  • 2018

Group Show

Léa Porré - 101 Archeology (performance at Tate Modern).jpeg

How to survive as an artist in the metropolis

Join and help us remake the studio of the future.

Léa Porré - 101 Archeology (performance at Tate Modern) (4).png

Around 200 students from Central Saint Martins will construct fully functioning studios in Tate Exchange. Drop in and select a studio (or a series of studios) and join in a wide range of practical activities incorporating the many and diverse ways in which art is made today.

Léa Porré - 101 Archeology (performance at Tate Modern).jpg

In response, artists are challenging and re-inventing the studio. Could it be a park bench, an online space or a public building? As artists, can we resist the tide and find new ways of reinstating art practice within the heart of the city?

Work shown:

 101 Archaeology (2018)

Léa Porré - 101 Archeology (2017)
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