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My practice is research-driven and questions how we encounter the ‘real’, and particularly what is deemed sacred —history, divine, power in place— by investigating the power of representation which frames reality in a very subjective way. 

It aims to question our understanding of the real, our subjection to the spectacle and the domination of visual corporate culture — the language of advertising, the delivery of news, the event.


I wish to reconcile or to embrace the hyperreal — that floating in-between, neither real nor fake — by constructing and involving the audience in alternative historical realities.

In doing so, I wish to deconstruct the binary systems that frame our relation to the world; real/unreal, good/bad, sacred/profane.


To this aim I will employ different strategies, with literal or exaggerated appropriation of immediately recognisable devices and symbols. Rendered out-of-use they disclose the inherent frailty of the bigger structure they represent.

By rendering visible the framing of the ‘real’, I want to propose the possibility of going beyond the binary frame.

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