French and Belgian artist currently undertaking an MA CAP Critical Practice at the Royal College of Art in London. Graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2018.

My practice is a critical re-reading of French History through a lens of mythology, deeply rooted in my cyclical vision of History. 

I compose alternative narratives and a new mysticism in opposition to the dominant frame of duality, by disrupting iconic imagery, rituals and events.

This fluid relation to reality is reflected in my practice of speculation and weaving of times. Through this transhistorical approach, I wish to fuse deep time with medieval history and possible futures, in a quest of interconnectedness.


My aim is to construct a space of healing, of critical awareness and re-enchantement of our Past in order to engage with the building of our future.


To this end, I compose digital re-enacments, floating on the edge of blurred boundaries of the real, to mirror best our relation to the divine and the past.

The works oscillate between various tones and imagery, whether they are fragmented narratives, digital simulations or counter-histories.


Recently, my speculative fictions pose the question of the return of French Monarchy. This ‘Other King’ could either be a desperate pretender to the throne, an immortal esoteric leader, a failed wellness guru, a sacrificial vessel or an alchemical master.

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Léa Porré - Royal Fate is Fluid (2020)
I told you he was never really gone (201
Cultivate your inner garden (2019).JPG
How to be a good royalist (2019).jpg
Louis XX for 2020 2.jpg
Léa Porré - error. Génocide Vendée_ (201
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