Léa Porré is a French artist based in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art (MA Contemporary Art Practice) in 2021, and from Central Saint Martins (BAFA 4D) in 2018.


In her research-based practice, she excavates her genetic memories. Specifically unearthing the construction and representation of pre-industrial French History.


Her speculative tales decipher iconic imagery, rituals, and beliefs. Primarily narrated in the first person (the unknown ‘I’), they are reminiscent of video games and mythical quests, attempting to invoke an impossible encounter with our own Past.


Set in a cyclical time of eternal returns, where the future is foreshadowed by the past, her fables urge the necessity of re-enchantment and healing from our heritage. In a quasi-necromantic practice, she also uses historical events and figures as mirrors to forecast our future.


Often emanating from computer-generated 3D worlds, her works range from video to interactive games, prints, and physical installations.


Léa Porré - I call to the creatures of the deep, CGI Video (2022) - 2 WEB.png
Léa Porré - What Do We Do Now - Residency 2021.png


Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-71 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg
Léa Porré - Rieko Whitfield - High Vibrational Country Club
3. Talisman Sun Card.png
Léa Porré - Interregnum - History of Fantasy


Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg
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I told you he was never really gone (201
Cultivate your inner garden (2019).JPG
How to be a good royalist (2019).jpg
Léa Porré - error. Génocide Vendée_ (201