Graduated from the Royal College of Art (MA Contemporary Art Practice) in 2021.

+ Central Saint Martins in 2018.


I compose speculative and transhistorical narratives that share a fluid relation to time and reality, by re-imagining and de-constructing iconic imagery, rituals and beliefs, to uncover the subjective frame of history.


In a recent project, Versaliae, King Louis XIVth is the main character of a choose-your-own-adventure interactive game, compelled to collect talismans across a peculiar Castle of Versailles, spanning across time (from the 17th Century to today), and space, as Louis will visit multiple copies of his own castle, in a surprising turn of events.


My practice is a critical re-reading of French Monarchy and the Long Middle Ages, deeply rooted in a cyclical vision of History and its eternal return, coming from a double-lens of mythology and geology.


My aim is to construct a space of healing that emerges from excavating our own Past — critically, yet allowing a sense of re-enchantment — in a true quest of interconnectedness, where human and deep time collapse.


Recently, I have been speculating on a return of French Monarchy where my ‘Other King’ takes the shape of a failed wellness guru, a sacrificial vessel, a choose your own adventure character, and an alchemical master. 

Ranging from video, to interactive games, digital prints or physical installations, my works narrate an impossible encounter between forms of life (Kings, volcanoes, creatures) that inhabit these alternate worlds altogether.


Looking towards building better futures, I wish to retake control from the enframing dualist narratives in aims of in-between, formless, floating narratives.

​I build alternate worlds, using digital tools that transgress the boundaries of the real and the virtual, facts and fictions.

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