Interregnum (2021)

Video & cgi world - commissioned by Emmanuelle Luciani for 'History of Fantasy' at Everyday Gallery, Antwerp

"‘History of Fantasy’ is a phantasmagorical stroll populated by ghosts, animated by a poisonous magic. It is part of the wake of a new twilight wave, a reminiscence of an underlying current that has been running through history since the end of the eighteenth century, summoning up the successive avatars of the Romantic matrix, from the neo-Gothic to the dark wave and fantasy, via the troubadour style and fin de siècle symbolism.

The whole of ‘History of Fantasy’ constitutes a total work, a visual installation in itself, in which a soundtrack composed by Kabyle Fragile is played; the invitation to Léa Porré and Igor Dubreucq to explore ‘History of Fantasy’ in universes linked to 3D constitutes a second escape from the exhibition space."

Léa Porré - Interregnum - History of Fan
Léa Porré - Interregnum - History of Fan
Léa Porré - Promo - History of Fantasy


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'History of Fantasy'