High Vibrational Country Club (2021) - in collaboration with Rieko Whitfield

HD Video - performance

Raising your vibrations to eternal life

In the midst of the apocalypse, Léa Porré and Rieko Whitfield will upload their souls into Eternity Country Club – for high-vibrational members only.

“High Vibrational Country Club” is a transcendental digital ceremony that will be launched on July 4, for the 2021 Graduate Show of the Royal College of Art.

The performance merges East Asian rituals with macabre Catholic relics, neoliberal wellness with gold-gilded glitches.

Join us at Eternity Country Club for exclusive access into the bizarre escapism of the uber-elite in an era of fake plastic flowers and total ecological collapse. Sacrifice your body to the ultimate retreat.

High Vibrational Country CLub 3D FINAL 2.png