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Historical Amnesia  Chateau de Lantheuil  France  • 2019

Solo Show

How to be a good royalist (2019).jpg
I repeat, I said the King is Back.
The King is Back in France.
Louis XX triumphed last night.
The throne is restored.

Maybe it was all a dream.

But I swear I felt it last night. I could hear his partisans claming his victory, chanting his return.
I felt whole, complete, at last.
My King was Back.

Maybe it was all a dream.

But I swear, I felt it last night.
‘How likely is such a disaster? Not unlikely as you might think.’
Cultivate your inner garden (2019) 1.JPG

Historical Amnesia questions our national past in relation to the powers that be. This royal past, sometimes taboo or mocked, sometimes hated or loved, reflects the ambivalence of the French people with their history. Léa Porré explores this collective amnesia through the prism of contemporary politics and decadent neo-capitalism. Mixing contemporary codes and royal symbols, her works expose a humorous satire of the French monarchy in which we can recognize the absurdity of our reign.

And then, they saw the light (2019).JPG

Through the hyper-real tension of the works, at a time when chaos is omnipresent, between calamities and bankruptcies, Historical Amnesia pushes the visitor to step back and contemplate the edge of the abyss. The vivid history of the place exacerbates the tension between the real and the unreal, between the past, the present and the future, as we see the works of art mixed with the architecture of this living monument.

How to be a good royalist (2019) 2.PNG
Royalist Dream at Chateau de Lantheuil.jpg

The exhibition mixes digital installations, gigantic and almost imperceptible interventions with historical memories. The visitor is led to lose himself in a disconcerting experience where he will be able to cultivate this strong contrast between the historical and real context of the place and the hyperreal works of Léa Porré which form a whole to create an alternative history.

Works shown:

 Cultivate your inner garden (2019)

Cultivate your inner garden (2019) 2.JPG

 error.Vendée? (2019)

Léa Porré - error. Génocide Vendée_ (2018-9)

 Royalist Dream (2018)

Léa Porré - Royalist Dream (2018)
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