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Gradient Descent  Gossamer Fog  London, UK  2024

Group Show

Gradient Descent, 2024, Gossamer Fog, Installation Shot_3-low.jpg
Gradient Descent, 2024, Gossamer Fog, Installation Shot_4-low.jpg

Gradient Descent is an experimental exhibition solely curated by a custom built machine learning algorithm. A pre-existing neural network image model was refined with training on a dataset of 725 documentation images from all the previous artworks, exhibitions and projects that have been shown at Gossamer Fog in its eight year history. In collaboration with artist and creative technologist Jayson Haebich we have created a tool capable of analysing the 465 submissions that we received through our open call, which were then scored based on how well they corresponded with the average aesthetic of the gallery and original dataset. Consequently, the neural network was able to discern the most fitting artworks for inclusion in this show and selected 21 works from 16 artists. 

AI Selected artists: 

Karlina Mezecka
Melle Nieling 
Eva Sbaraini 
Polina Filippova 
Johanna de Verdier 
Maria Meyer 
Romane Courdacher 
Danny Pagarani 
Jonathan Armour 
Josh Wirz 
Léa Porré 
Aaron McCarthy 
Petr Strouhal 
Leon Simonis 
Indrani Ashe 
Migle Vycinaite

Work shown:

 I call to the creatures of the deep (2022)

Léa Porré - I call to the creatures of the deep, CGI Video (2022) - 3 WEB.png
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