Léa Porré is a French and Belgian artist, born in 1996 and living in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2021, and from Central Saint Martins in 2018.


In her research-based practice, she excavates her ancestral memories, by interweaving micro-history and mythological motifs. With a focus on historical and sacred sites as memory palaces, she experiments with 3D world-building as a tool to heal from our past, and future-forecast.


She has exhibited her work internationally, most recently at the Centre Pompidou and Brownstone Foundation in Paris and MAMO Modulor in Marseille, France, Paradise Row Projects, Tate Modern, and LUX in London, UK.


She took part in Akademie Schloss Solitude and ZKM Karlsruhe web residency, ‘Ghosted’, shortlisted for the 2020 Hash Award.

Selected Exhibitions 



Virginia Bianchi Gallery  - Necro•polis  (online)



Off Site Project  Versaliae  (online) 


Virginia Bianchi Gallery  -  Dear One  (online)     


Off Site Project  -  Forbidden Royalist Club  (online)

Château de Lantheuil  -  Historical Amnesia  (Lantheuil, France)



Art Verona Fair -  with Virginia Bianchi Gallery  (Verona, Italy)

— ART-O-RAMA Fair -  with Southway Studio  (Marseille, France)

— etc. gallery  -  The Core of Fantasy  (Prague, Czech Republic)

K41  -  Remember When We Met 3  (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Fondation Brownstone  -  TELLUS META - 91530 Le Marais  (Paris, France)

MAMO - Centre d'art de la Cité radieuse de Marseille - Southway Studio  -  Uncanny Depths  (Marseille, France)

Paradise Row Projects  -  City Entwined  (London, UK)

Expo 2020 Dubai - UK Pavilion  -  Shaping Futures  (Dubai, UAE) 

New Art City  &  Mock Jungle  -  To spawn a door  (online & Bologna, Italy)

— Centre Pompidou  Réseaux-mondes  (Paris, France)


The Wrong TV  -  Eternal Returns  (online)  

Mock Jungle  -  Creeper's Luncheon  - curated by De: Formal  (Bologna, Italy)

Cromwell Place  -  RCA2021  (London, UK)

Royal College of Art  -  RCA2021  (online)

Everyday Gallery  -  History of Fantasy  (Antwerp, Belgium)

— Palacio de Aguas Corrientes  -  Dia Cero  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Matt's Gallery  -  MattFlix: Everything Forever  (online)


 Electric Artefacts  Vacation at the End of the World  -  curated by Off Site Project  (online)  

 Solo Show  Chapter 6: The love and hate of dreams  (online)  

Lux  -  OUT of TOUCH  -  curated by Hervisions  (online)

Ugly Duck  -  Malfeasance  (London, UK)

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art  -  Pot Luck​  (London, UK)

Espacio Odeón  -  How to inhabit the screen  -  curated by UHIM (Bogotá, Colombia)


DATEAGLE ART invites Off Site Project  -  Control the Virus V.2  (online)

— Temple Saint-Etienne  -  PASSANTS  (Mulhouse, France)

Placement Produit  -  Who Knows What Happened Here?  (Aubervilliers, France)  [duo]


— State of the Art  -  Total Immersion  (Berlin, Germany)

— Internet Moon Gallery  -  Fake plastic forevers & détournement of digital colonialism, curated by Juan Covelli (online)

— Central Saint Martins  -  Show ONE  (London, UK)

— Center for Art and Media - ZKM  -  Open Codes  (Karlsruhe, Germany) 

— Lethaby Gallery  -  Temporalities  (London, UK)

— Tate Modern  -  Tate Exchange - STUDIO COMPLEX  (London, UK)


— Lethaby Gallery   -  Annihilation Event  (London, UK) 

— Tate Modern  -  Tate Exchange - Sen5.0  (London, UK)


— 2022  -  Pavillion Southway Studio  (Marseille, FRANCE)

— 2021  -  What do we do now  -  Power of Relics   (online)

— 2020  -  Digital Artist Residency   -  Artist-in-Residence   (online)

— 2018  -  Akademie Schloss Solitude  (Stuttgart, Germany)  &  Center for Art and Media - ZKM  (Karlsruhe, Germany) 

              >>Ghosted 2018<<  Web Residency n.4  (online)


— 2018 - 2021  :  Royal College of Art, MA CAP Critical Practice  (London, UK)

— 2015 - 2018  :  Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Arts 4D  (London, UK)

— 2013 - 2015  :  Atelier de Sevres, Classe Préparatoire & Intermedia  (Paris, FRANCE)



NONFICTION  -  Edition 04: TBA


UAL (University of Arts London)  -  2018 Acquisitions

Talks / Awards

— University of Tübingen  -  Tagung Konstellationen 2021  (online)

ZKM Center for Art and Media  -  Hash Award 2020  - Shortlisted  (Karlsruhe, Germany)


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