.Maar. (2021)

series of digital prints, text and video

".Maar.’ is Léa Porré’s latest video project that follows her ongoing exploration of her country’s medieval history as well as world-wide mythology. 

Based on her research on volcanism in France as well as local tales and folklore, .Maar. narrates a fictional travel of a geologist encountering Lac Pavin — a truly mysterious and unique lake — for the first time.

Located in France, in the volcanic region of Auvergne, Lac Pavin is on top of a supposedly dormant volcano, whose latest eruption dates back 6000 years. Since then, many other sightings have been reported for centuries and became part of local folklore. Becoming a place where myth and reality collide, its very name draws its roots from latin ‘pavens’, a dreading lake ‘where the Devil resides’. 

This geological site becomes a set for Porré’s video, in which the narrator’s encounter with the lake gives way to something much more mysterious, an intimate one-to-one connection with the lake as we learn that it contains a form of life reminiscent of the times of primordial life — an impossible rendez-vous with our own genesis.  

Porré’s .Maar. offers a captivating transhistorical disjointed narrative, rendering excavation and ritual, legend and fantasy as one."

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