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RCA 2021  Cromwell Place  London, UK  • 2021

MA Degree Show from the Royal College of Art

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-68 - Credit Ollie Harop - lighter.jpg

Spread across nine spaces and 4 buildings, the Royal College of Art will present two satellite events for their annual Photography & Print Degree Show followed by their Contemporary Art Practice Degree Show, comprising work from their 2021 cohort of students.

The Royal College of Art’s MA 2021 Photography & Print classes come together from 14 - 18 July 2021 and Contemporary Art Practice from 21 - 25 July in satellite events within the galleries at Cromwell Place. A graduate exhibition is a space where multiple sites of knowledge, production, creation and process come together. The RCA 2021 cohort share their delight, that the time spent researching, making, experimenting, discussing and developing can now be experienced in physical form. 

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-71 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg
Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - RCA-CAP-2021-73 - Credit Ollie Harop.jpg

Curated by Linda Rocco, the 2021 RCA MA Contemporary Art Practice Graduate Show will take place from 21 - 25 July. A graduate exhibition is the collision of multiple sites of knowledge production, experimentation and processes coming together. The RCA 2021 cohort share their delight that the time spent researching, making, discussing and developing, can now be experienced in a physical form. 

Ekpyrosis at Cromwell Place - Léa Porré.JPG

Exhibiting artists:
Adam Dove, Alessandro Moroni, Amelie McKee, Amy Wright, Anita Agarwal, Anita Marante, Anna Jacob, Ashleigh Williams, Baocheng Ma, Bess Barkholt, Catalina Correa, Chloe Langlois, Cynthia Carllinni, Daniel Hopp, David Head, Ed Hands, Effy Harle, Elena Lo Presti, Eline Tsvetkova, Ewelina Trejta, Georgina Watson, Helga Dorothea Fannon, Iona Mitchell, Isaac Azzopardi, Jamie Murray-Pullan, Jesse May Fisher, Jingwen Xu, Joy Chia-Yu Yeh, Julia Biasi, Kathryn Attrill, Katrine Skovsgaard, Kevin Siwoff, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Léa Porré, Louise Ørsted Jensen, Luis Tapia, Lulu Wang, Maggie Dunlap, Mathilda Oosthuizen, Melle June Nieling, Muzi Zhang, Paola Estrella, Patrick O'Neill, Qingqing Liu, Rieko Whitfield, River Cao, Sergei Zinchuk, Shinhoo Yhi, Shiting Zheng, Shuning Xu, Tim Skinner, Yana Jiao, Yang Yang, Yuanhui Ding, Yukako Tanaka

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis - Versailles - RCA2021 - Royal College of Art

Work shown:

 Ekpyrosis (2021)

Léa Porré - Ekpyrosis.png
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