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ART-O-RAMA with Southway Studio •  Marseille, France  • 2022

Group Show


LéaPorré-ARTORAMA-2022 - 2.jpg

Distended, elongated and languid forms, plant or animal shadows and ghosts of form distort the familiar silhouettes of domestic furniture whose shadows stretch across a purple floor. The Weirdness boudoir gives Mannerist forms, cave furniture and the phantasmagorias of a hijacked neo-classical style their meaning as the formal embodiment of a change of cycle. Styles and eras overlap and superimpose, as evidenced by Bella Hunt & Ddc's Grand Pavois, a tribute to chivalry and car tuning, or Étienne Marc's Coquillage chair, which seems to have emerged from a sunken palace.

LéaPorré-ARTORAMA-2022 - 1.jpg

With: Bella Hunt & Ddc, Jenna Kaës, Etienne Marc, Hadi Alijani.
Guests: Antonia Brown, Léa Porré.
Curation: Emmanuelle Luciani


Work shown:

 Arcana Arcorum (2022)

Léa Porré - Arcana Arcorum - 2022 - WORK IN PROGRESS_edited.jpg
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