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POT LUCK  Dyson Gallery  London, UK  • 2020

Group Show

Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg

We are pleased to welcome you to the new exhibition opening at the Dyson Gallery, POT LUCK, a project by
Cynthia Carlinni with works by Cynthia Carllinni. Léa Porré. Kaushikee Gupta. Alice Bucknell. Spatu a&Barcode
Patrick O'Neill. Amv Louis Wright. Peter Spanier and text by Arieh Frosh.

Pot Luck commemorates the need for sharing in times of worldwide climate and economic crisis.

Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg
Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg
Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg
POT LUCK invite.jpg
POT LUCK 2020 Dyson Gallery.jpg
POT LUCK 2020 Dyson Gallery - menu.jpg
POT LUCK 2020 Dyson Gallery - Alice Bucknell.jpg

All artists Involved work with notions or immigration and embodiment and were invited to produce an edible work that carries the narrative of their own practice. This Pot Luck is 'a situation' in which 'ready made concents' with their very specific narrative intra-act to create a new understanding or their own contexl.

Work commissioned:

 Happy 227th (2020)

Léa Porré - Happy 227th.jpg
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