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Chapter 6: The love and hate of dreams  Solo Show  online  • 2020

Group Show


a dishonorable cold occurs. parades are passed by with poor salutes in this month of slumber. lips sealed, she does not say, but runs naked; ablaze in the adjacent court, as you yell yourself. there were guests, cakes were passed, and cold simulated. you will recall sequential heights; happy and pink-cheeked, you subjugated it with a hot head, but now you lie. you drink tea with the aroma of mulled wine, as if everything in life is made.

but sounds still at night are carried, the ordered columns of grey sky sometimes appear, or the wedge of sprinkler machines. at night tales are created on the roads, like cosmetic catalogs with this slogan: “night protects your youth!”

SoloShow_LeaPorre_Install3 copy.jpg

With: Amy Stober, Antonio Barerra-Mejia, Antonijia Vuletic, Erik Saltzman, Eva L'avasseur, Francesco Nava, Hunter Thompson, Hugo Laporte & Boris Camaca, Léa Porré, Lea Rüegg, Natalia Janula, Nan Shen, Sam Nugent, Trine Struwe Hansen | Text: Lenka C. | Curated by Underground Flower and Rhizome Parking Garage

Work shown:

 Vin Dizen (2018-9)

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