The King is Back (2019)

series of sculptures; acrylic sheet, 30x20cm

Léa Porré, Lea Porre

‘The King is Back' and 'Louis XX for 2020. promo’ present a fictional royalist movement, an imagined return of a King in France and constructs a parallel reality where this imaginary monarchy is displayed as a marketable thing. The works themselves are elements of the build up toward an event, which will never happen: a non-event.

Royal Free Fall (2019)

sculpture; mixed media, 120x40x30cm.

Léa Porré, Lea Porre

Louis XX for 2020. promo (2018-9)

series of visuals and sounds

These visuals are hosted by DATEAGLE (in collaboration with Off Site Project for their online exhibition ‘Spread the Virus Vol.2’

This promotional material documents this non-existent royalist movement and is echo electoral program, movie advertising and cult recruitment.

This fictional billboard anchors this announced event, this non-event.


Léa Porré, Lea Porre

Fleur de Lys Take-over (2018)

sculpture; mixed media, 200x30x30cm.

Léa Porré, Lea Porre

The Flag combines neoliberal marketing strategies and politicians self-promotion, layered with the royal symbol of the fleur de lys. It explores the authoritarian and phallic power of the flag, traditionally used by states and now by corporate firms. 

The ‘fake’ quality of it is along the lines of a museum shop type of souvenir, yet its scale anchors it as an authoritarian symbol.