Piédestal (2017)

installation, 2000 x 900 x 300 mm, mixed media

Lea Porre, Léa Porré, central saint martins
Lea Porre, Léa Porré, central saint martins

‘Piédestal’ explores the authority of the pedestal in the traditional museum display, and its framing of a certain

truth, rendering the items almost unapprochable.

The sacralisation it seems to operate onto the museum object, is portrayed by the mimickery or parody used in

appropriating its codes of representation.

But the plinths with their estranged proportions do not seem fit for their purpose; the items display become almost

out of sight. Two of them are also rendered useless, as empty signs of power.

It aims to challenge the representation of the authentic quality (litteraly) labelled onto the museum object, which in

turn has been replaced by massively produced gift shop souvenirs.

This work can be seen as an experiment to answer this question; Do they still hold the same aura? What device

should be use to ensure that is the case?