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Holy Trinity (2018)

installation, 1200 x 1000 x 400 mm; mixed media; holy water, plastic jerry canes, wood, acrylic paint

‘Holy Trinity’ is a sculpture that appropriates the religious collectible as a readymade, displayed on an

alter-shaped plinth.

As an un-precedented powerful merchandise, it combines bottomless belief and the fetish of the commodity, but is

for the believer a true incarnation of the holy, independent from its profane mass-produced vessel.

It challenges the idea of the aura, often associated to the uniqueness of the collected object, here it seems to retain

that quality.

But, it also questions the role of the display in the sacralisation of the items, and how we perceive and construct the

notion of authenticity.

In this work, the assumptions brought forth by the viewer became even more relevant; the impossibility of avoiding

our own context was significantly apparent in the audience’s varied feedback.