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error. Génocide Vendée? (2018-9)

series of 3 Tapestries, 120 x 90 cm

‘error. Génocide Vendée’ aims to question the frame of history, how it mediates a very specific truth. It drains on multiple historians' theories who started in the 80s, such as Reynald Secher or Jacques Villemain, and propose the recognition of the Génocide of Vendée. 


The tapestries — traditional and official device to frame History, until the Revolution — display constructed scenes from those events. 

It aims to reinstate these non-events (because they still aren't recognised) as part of our collective memory, using this authoritarian medium.

Their distinct ‘low quality’ computer-generated imagery emphasises our inhumane relation to this non-event, a truth that does not have a good image.


It addresses the role of institutionalised History in the framing of the real that produces a binary ethical relation to our past; we have to deal with it in terms of either Good or Bad. 

Through this work I also wish to interrogate the untouchable quality of the French Revolution.


The choice of the digital tapestry, as medium, echoes traditional weaving as the ancestor or early computing.


The work also references ongoing research on the interconnected ideas of set and site.