Collecting, Collectibles (2017)

installation, dimensions variable, mixed media; printed mugs, protective cardboard, postcard rack, postcards 

‘Collecting, Collectibles’ is a series of collectibles of an artist’s artwork made directly by the artist, confusing the

value of the object; both artwork and collectible.

In traditional museum, the shop follows the exhibition and allows the visitor to buy a piece (or a copy) of the aura of the museum object, he has witnessed.

But, that strategy reinforces the sacredness of the original item, always out of reach.

By bringing the shop inside the exhibition space it overturns the hierarchy in place in the museum which detaches the profane from the sacred.

It also challenges the relation of the relic to its replica, a hyperreal relation that confronts real and fake,

embedded in the official collectible, the 100% real facsimile.

In their display we see a trace of an unseen action, (the postcards have fallen from the rack) or an action yet to come (the mugs are still in their protective shell). Does the event only exist in its trace or its omen?

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